What does Success Look Like? Social Media Marketing

Number 1 Mistake – Not analyzing


eTailing Curriculum – http://go.unl.edu/etailing

Online Maps – https://huskerpreneur.wordpress.com/resources/workshop-materials/online-maps/

Content Marketing

Focuses on providing helpful, entertaining, or interesting information to the target audience.  Goal is to reach future customers instead of annoying them.  Needs to provide value on it’s own.

For  more information on Writing for the Web

Social Media Marketing

The art of engaging in conversations for marketing purposes.  Each social network provides it own tools designed at marketing.  Writings should be optimized for each social network.  (see below)


Process of optimizing a website and it’s content that will receive website traffic from search results.  As a result you should be able to:

  • Improve the ranking of the website by improving keyword density for specific keywords
  • By providing more content for specific keywords
  • By generating backlinks to site

Writing Content for Social Media


  • Like a big family with extended family and friends connect
  • Three options to post
    • Post with links
      • Can edit the headline, link and image but make sure
        • Create emotion
        • Catches attention
        • Entertains
        • Provides powerful message
    • Post with images
      • Choose eye-catching and emotional pictures that fit the user
      • Image Size
        • Ideal – image not to exceed 403 x 504 pixels
        • Highlight post – 843 x 403 pixels
    • Post with videos
      • Use upload feature instead of linking to Youtube
      • Link to your content in the description of post
      • Make sure to highlight on timeline


  • Everyone talking at once
  • Relationships are impersonal
  • 140 characters
  • No real writing tips
  • Hashtag – only those tweets that relate to content directly
    • No more than two hashtags per post
  • Use Images – makes you stand out
  • Can reply to an individual with an “@” before their profile name

Google +

  • An onliine club where like minded people share their passion
  • Can address individuals with a “+” before their profile name
  • Two ways to post
    • Post to Circles
      • Take full advantage of network
      • Create circles for a particular audience
      • Takes time to develop
    • Post to Communities
      • Best place to share content on a particular niche
      • Each community has it’s own rules of engagement
      • Write a longer copy – mention key points – ask for feedback
      • Tricks
        • Reply to comments
        • Engage yourself with posts of other users
        • Do not post one and the same content
        • Join the right community



Jay Jenkins – jjenkins2@unl.edu

Connie Hancock – chancock1@unl.edu



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