Tips for Creating Content That Works

Writing for the Web is an excellent resource. They have a free course that contains an excellent eBook: Copywriting 101 – How to Craft Compelling Copy.
There are three basic guideline for writing for the web:
  1. Be succinct
  2. Write for scanability
  3. Use keywords in your content

Be Succinct

  1. Concise
    • “Wasted words, wasted space’
    • Limit a page to one topic
    • Put information-carrying content within the first few words of the headline and paragraph text
  2. Concrete
    • Avoid words that do not have a specific, concrete meaning. (a historical offender: Facility)
    • Concentrate on keywords that your audience will be using to conduct searches
    • Opt for real-world examples that readers can relate to, instead of theory, when possible
  3. Clear writing
    • Focus on the reader’s experience and needs. As you write, put yourself in the reader’s frame of reference.
    • Make content actionable. The web surfer’s purpose is to find information, not be told a story.
    • Usually, the active voice is clearer than the passive voice; but not always.
    • Favor clear over clever.

Make it Scanable

  • Two or three levels of headlines (page header, subhead, sub-subhead)
  • Highlight keywords (boldface, colored, or hypertext links)
    • Use hypertext links to split up long information into multiple pages.
  • Bulleted lists
  • Short paragraphs – one idea per page
  • Inverted pyramid style of writing (Bottom Line Up Front)
  • Half the words (or less) of conventional

Use Keywords

Here is your chance to include keyword in a way that really matters, in the body of your text. Vary the words you use, this will help search engines better match your content with searches. Remember though, clarity comes first, keywords second.

Landing Pages convert site visitors into sales leads

Insure that your landing page contains the following as they relate to your targeted keywords phrases.

  • Create a compelling page title with exact matches of your targeted keyword phrases.
    • Page title should not exceed 68 characters.
    • A good example. “UNL Extension program focuses on Beef Nutrition“
  • Add a meta description tag containing exact keyword phrase matches, benefits and a call to action.
  • Add a minimum of one image per targeted keyword phrase to contain alternative image text of that keyword phrase.
  • Image file names should also represent your targeted keyword phrases.
    • For example if you were targeting the keyword phrase “landing page optimization” you may have an image named landing-page-optimization.jpg
  • Create primary H1 and secondary H2 tags to contain you exact keyword phrases and/or derivative keyword phrases of your targeted phrases.
  • Your landing page should also include between 200 and 1000 words of body content mentioning each targeted keyword phrase at least two or three times.
    • Only mention your targeted keyword phrase more than three times if it makes sense when writing naturally.
    • Don’t force it. In addition to mentioning your targeted keyword phrases you should also try to use co-occurrence terms and synonyms of your targeted keyword phrases. (These are words that search engines like Google and Bing may expect to see within content relating to your targeted keyword phrases.)
  • Link to your landing page(s) directly from the homepage, blog posts and other related pages on your website.
    • Use the anchor text of your most competitive keyword phrase that you want this landing page to rank for.
  • As with any page, your landing pages should be included in your XML sitemap.


    • Common Call to Actions
      • Download
      • Find
      • Get
      • Review
      • Register
      • Call
    • A great call to action:
      • Engages: attract the viewer.
      • Directs: provides information on where browse and learn.
      • Measures: can evaluate what action is effective
    • Tips to creating
      • What is your objective?
      • What is it you want your clientele to know and do?
    • Are you clear and assertive?
      • Register _____ NOW
      • One day left
    • Have you created a CTA on every page?
      • Be consistent
      • Be engaging



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