Mobile has Arrived!

Once upon a time you went on vacation!  You had a great time at Disneyland in Fort Lauderdale, FL!   When you were getting ready to fly out they offered us free tickets  if you would take a later flight. So there you were….with an extra day to kill that you had not planned on.  So, what are you going to do?  Hence – you take out your mobile device and search for something to do.
  • Type in Things to do Fort Lauderdale Florida
  • Type in Place to eat
Is Your Business Listed?
By 2013
  • More people will be accessing the internet via mobile devices rather than pc’s
  • 70% of mobile users have compared prices on their mobile
  • 65% have read product reviews
  • 50% mobile searches lead to a purchase
  • 95% Smart phone users have searched for local information
  • 61% users will call the business
  • And 59% visit the location
  • Of these people 90%  will act within 24 hours

Source –

“88% of mobile searchers take action within 24 hours.
About 70% take action within 1 hour.”

~ Google Mobile Movement Study, 2011

Tourism Specific

  • 63% intent to use mobile devices for booking in-destination tours and activities
  • 39% have already done so
  • Booking using mobile devices grew to over 21% by second quarter of 2012 over 12%
  • Small operators should partner with “marketplaces” so tours and activities are available in apps and mobile websites
Is Your Website Ready for Mobile?
  • Is it compatible with all types of mobile and smart phones?
  • Is the Navigation simple with as little scrolling as possible?
  • Have you incorporated Bullet points instead of large blocks of text?
  • Do you accommodate fingertip navigation of even the biggest hand?
  • Do you have clickable icons in the design to improve functionality?
  • Are images compressed to take less time to load?
  • Are phone numbers clickable to call?
  • Is your address or shop location on the landing page alongside maps and directions to reach you?

Source –

10 Ways to Make Your Landing Page Mobile Friendly

Be Accessible – content is available and visible

  • Update to mobile friendly alternatives – HTML5, jQuery and JPG and GIF image formats

Be Fast

  • Mobile pages less than 20 KB and load in under 5 seconds
  • Consolidate content, resize images, use CSS
  • Determine load time and size of landing pages – W3C Mobile OK, mobiReady or Mobitest

Be Orderly

  • Present a single column layout
  • Mobile users are goal oriented
  • Always feature call to action task above ‘fold’ – click to call, find a store, etc…

Be Brief

  • Cut content in half
  • Screen size varies – trim 6 word headings to 3 or 4; trim 5 bullets to 2 or 3
  • Mobile heading should be only 3 to 4 words
  • Creative copywriting – every word should add value

Be Legible

  • Should be able to read without zooming
  • Minimum font size – 16 pixels
  • Simple color palette

Be Call-Friendly

  • Top mobile action is making a phone call – have full phone number visible at top of page

61% of mobile users call after a local business search – Google Mobile Movement Study, 2011

Be Thumb-Friendly

  • Design clickable targets

Be Local

  • Leverage geoIP data to provide faster, locally relevant and personalized mobile experiences
  • MaxMind GeoIP City database accuracy

Be Form Simple

  • Seven or less fields
  • Never include non-required fields
  • Key is to get users to submit the minimum

Be Action Compelling

  • Purpose of page should be obvious
  • Limit the number of actions on mobile to 3 or 4
  • Examples:  Call Now; Find a Store; Watch the Video; Contact/Email us; Get Map Directions; RSVP; Like it; Share

Source –

Or Three Tips to Get You Started

Mobilize Your Website

  1. Address information and a map – preferable linked to Google Maps or the new Apple Maps
  2. A click to call button
  3. A click to email button in order to send message
  4. A mobile booking interface so customer can purchase an item, book a tour or activity in real-time and get a confirmation on their phone
  5. Focus on Simple usability
  6. Fast performance
  7. Compelling Action

Localize Your Search

  1. SEO – brush up on how to incorporate in mobile
  2. Average query is 15 characters long – takes approximately 30 key presses and about 40 seconds
  3. Mobile Search Engines compensate by providing ‘predictive search’
  4. Research Geo-tagging options

Get Social Media

  1. Check out the social media apps
  2. Sign up for Foursquare
  3. Connect with customers on Facebook
  4. Invite them to follow you on Twitter
  5. Ask them to share experiences on Yelp, Google Place Page, etc.

Check out the Going Mobile Resources


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