Making the Most of UNL Extension’s Social Media Marketing Efforts

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

— Wayne W. Dyer: American self-help author and motivational speaker

What is your current marketing strategy?

What is your marketing goal?

Social Media Connections

This graphic shows us how everything we do online is connected and can be connected to our website!


  • How many times are you sending out stuff on the same topic?
  • What are the keywords and keyword phrases used to
  • What is the goal?


  • eMail

    • Subject Line

    • Message –

      • Short sentences
      • Color code important information
      • Bullet
      • Link to landing page on website

    • Create eMail Signature

Connie Hancock
UNL Extension Educator
920 Jackson Street
Sidney, NE  69162
  • Facebook

    • Post

    • Call to Action

    • Link to landing page on website

    • Add image and caption


UNL Extension Content Calendar – a tool to use to help schedule your marketing plan for events and programs

Guidelines for Using Social Media – UNL Extension


Have you claimed the Extension Office location on the maps?

UNL extension Entrepreneurship Social Media Links


5 responses to “Making the Most of UNL Extension’s Social Media Marketing Efforts

  1. The above image in its current state is in violation of copyright.

    The image you are using has been modified. My copyright information has been removed or cropped off. I allow my work to be shared under the Creative commons license, but it clearly states that the “artwork may not be altered in any manner”. This altered version of my work is in violation of copyright. I am formally requesting that you remove the current image and/or use the proper, unmodified image from my site:

    Thank you,

    John Atkinson
    Wrong Hands

    • John – thank you letting me know my mistake – I have deleted the image from the blog post! I sincerely apologize for this!

      Connie Hancock

      • Thanks so much Connie. No worries…I just wish I could find out where that image originated from. I’m fighting the losing battle of online copyright protection…at times it seems futile. John

      • Understand – John – would you be interested in being a Live Chat for our Power of Business initiative? eXtension Entrepreneurs Community of Practice has started doing Friday 15 at 11:15 a.m. for 15 minutes conversations with Entrepreneurs – your issue of copyright protection is something that all entrepreneurs need to be aware of!

        We are early in the life of Power of Business but check us out at and

      • I’ll check it out and let you know. Thanks. John

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