Making the Most of Social Media Marketing

Marketing and Marketing Online

what is your purpose for wanting to be online?

  • Identify your goals. – What do I want this marketing effort to achieve?
  • Identify your target audience. – Where do they spend their time online?
  • Create a profile/brand. – Your customers need to be able to find and recognize you.
  • Find the social media that’s right for you. – Social media sites are not alike. Once you learn where your customers hang out, decide whether it is a place where you can be comfortable too.
  • Plan a time frame. – Allocate a reasonable amount of time and stick to it. Balance time expended against benefits gained.
  • Include SEO. – Just like SEO for your website, you need to optimize social content and profiles with your target keywords.
  • Develop content strategy. – Plan how you will engage your customers.
  • Measure results. – Is it working? Are you reaching your goals? Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Take care of the Basics

Your online presence is bigger than what you create


Have you claimed your location on the maps?
Social Media image

Online Brand –

Use business name consistently in all your messages, both online and traditional!

Claim your profile on social media applications for consistency!

Social Media Images –


Your website is where your content is going to live. Everything else nurtures relationships and gets the word out about the content you created.


Website Content to Achieve SEO

Then…. social media

a great place to communicate with your customers and also to tell your story (especially as it unfolds, tell your story “in action”)

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Sites


Tips for Facebook
  • Set up a page for your business/organization
  • Use the description to tell your story
  • Include links to your blog or website with in your profile
  • Have a personal picture in your profile
  • Like those pages that will help you and share in formation
  • Use it to raise awareness
  • Let people know what you and/or your company is doing
  • Make it fun – include pictures and videos
  • Engage with other users and connections
  • Be consistent in your engagement

More Information:

Social Media Examiner – How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Business


  • Create a page for your business
    • Fill Out Your Page
  • Add Links Throughout Your Page
  • Make Use of the Hover Text
  • Promote Your Business Page Everywhere
  • Get Your Employees on Google+
  • Be Interesting

Source –


  • Create pin-worthy content
  • Optimize your website for pinning
  • Start pinning
  • Host a contest on Pinterest
  • Keep at it

Source –

Additional Information:

eXtension Webinar – Pinterest for Your Business

Social Media Examiner – How Pinterest Helped a Mom Win Major Brands as Clients


  • Avoid Automatization of Your Tweets
  • Tweet Like You Talk
  • Don’t Follow Blindly
  • Reply to Mentions
  • Be Interesting and Helpful

Source –


  • Include a ‘call to action’
  • Manage feedback
  • Reinforce your brand
  • Show don’t tell
  • Improve your search engine optimization
  • Promote your customers
  • Encourage video sharing
  • Track your YouTube results

Source –


  • Create eMail Signature
    • Include in all emails sent
  • Make it easy to subscribe
  • Tell subscribers what to expect
  • Send a welcome email
  • Design your newsletter to fit your brand
  • Make it scannable
  • Send people content they want
  • Keep a publishing calendar
  • Edit
  • Test
  • Think about mobile
  • Know your spam rules
  • Make it shareable
  • Keep an eye on your stats
  • Be friendly
  • Only send email if you have something to say
  • Use an email marketing manager

Source –

Responding to online reviews

UNL extension Entrepreneurship Social Media Links


  • Build your community
  • Engage with your community
  • Target your community
  • Connect with leaders in your industry
  • Be consistent
  • Update regularly
  • Do not overload with promotional material or advertising
  • Create useful and relevant content
  • Track how your content is being received
  • Note what you need to learn next and look for experts to help you

What Now?

            5 things you need to do now

  1. Join the social media sites you have identified
  2. Be consistent with posting updates, status and comments
  3. Organize when in the day you are going to send your postings
  4. Fill in all your profiles with pictures of you or your logo
  5. Remember the Social Networking does not make you money, but builds relationships



Connie Hancock

Jay Jenkins


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