Location Based Advertising

Location Based Advertising combines mobile and location based services. The idea is to pinpoint consumer location and provide specific information via mobile devices.

  • Push – the business owner “pushes” information out to potential consumers.
    • Opt-out – Advertising is sent until users ask to be excluded.
    • Opt-in – Users ask to receive promotional material from advertisers.
  • Pull – Users search for information.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Location-based_advertising

Location-based advertising is closely related to mobile advertising, which is divided into four types:

  • Messaging
  • Display
  • Search
  • Product placement


  • Privacy, consumers must balance privacy with personalized advertising.
  • Perceived as spam, an unrequested, unwanted message.


Huffington Post’s Larry Alton, says there are 10 ways location based marketing will evolve in 2015. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/larry-alton/10-ways-locationbased-mar_b_6423832.html

  • Mobile Ordering
  • Stores will push coupons
  • Savvy Businesses will target nearby customers
  • FB Places will take on Foursquare
  • Location will inform Notifications
  • Navigation will become more sophisticated
  • Line between Tech and Reality will continue
  • The Internet of Things will change the landscape
  • Delivery services will thrive
    • Uber
  • Privacy concerns may increase

What you need to do about location-based marketing.

  • Claim, correct and customize your business listings on all the major location-based marketing services. Claim Your Bubble shows you how.
  • Be responsive — to reviews and on social media.
  • Focus on making it convenient for the user.
  • Good incentives are a must.

Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/227124\

Why should you care?

74% of adult smartphone owners use their phone to get directions or other information based on their current location.

Consumers are now more likely to “check out” information that’s related to their current location rather than share or “check in” with their current status.

72% of consumers say they will respond to calls-to-action in marketing messages they receive within sight of the retailer.

Only 23% of retail marketers use some type of geotargeted data in their mobile marketing.

Source: http://marketingland.com/location-based-mobile-marketing-consumers-74256

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