Broadband Plan highlights vision for Nebraska

Broadband in Nebraska: Current Landscape and Recommendations lays out a vision for broadband in Nebraska, sets goals and makes recommendations to further broadband development in Nebraska.

“Broadband is important to Nebraska’s businesses and communities,” said Lt. Governor Nelson, who chairs the Nebraska Information Technology Commission. “This plan builds on Nebraska’s successes in stimulating
investment in Nebraska’s telecommunications infrastructure and encouraging the use of broadband in businesses, agriculture, health care, education, libraries, local government, and public safety entities. Additionally, the plan
highlights the need to encourage more youth to pursue careers in information technology.”

Broadband availability in Nebraska has improved over the past three years with 99.5 percent of Nebraskans now having access to service with download speeds of greater than 10 Mbps. Household adoption of broadband has also
increased to 82 percent of Nebraska households subscribing to broadband. Mobile connections are becoming increasingly important to residents and businesses with more than 80 percent of Nebraska businesses currently using
smart phone technology.

The plan sets goals for broadband availability and adoption for 2020, including having broadband service of 25 Mbps down available to 90 percent of Nebraska households and having more than 90 percent of Nebraska households subscribe to broadband. In 2013, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and an international broadband expert company, conducted a survey of Nebraska businesses on their use of the Internet. Respondents to the survey indicated that 25% to 45% of revenue from the Internet.  Information on the survey is available at

The plan is available from the Nebraska Information Technology Commission’s website
(  Highlights  of the plan are available on YouTube video


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