What’s Your Marketing Budget??

Entrepreneurs and Their Communities

You said you have how much to spend on marketing this year?

Oh, $4.5 million. Then you can buy a 30-second television ad for this year’s Super Bowl. Look at the publicity. We have been hearing and seeing teasers for the last two weeks or more.

But sorry to say they are all sold out. Plus just a warning about one-time marketing efforts, they rarely work. I need to see your name five or more times to know you exist and another five times or so before I may step in your door.

Maybe your budget closer to $0? You probably are commenting that I need to be realistic. No business can start without a substantial marketing budget. Don’t tell that to Toffee Talk. They did it using Twitter.

But you don’t know anything about social media? Well neither did Toffee Talk. Get online, watch to see what…

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