Nebraska Broadband Initiative announces monthly business newsletter!

The Nebraska Broadband Initiative is expanding efforts to help businesses harness the power of broadband technology for successful operations. New tools are available every day, but deciding whether to incorporate these new tools can be challenging.

Business Learning Resources are waiting for you.

A wide set of resources, information and support are waiting for businesses in Nebraska. A new online newsletter Power of Broadband for Business showcases technology information for small business owners. The Nebraska Broadband Initiative has joined forces with North Dakota State University to provide educational articles for small business owners on new technology applications and trends.

Highlights of this issue include:

  • Marketing for Profit: Tools for Success Marketing Webinars for Direct Marketing Farmers.  Webinars provide critical marketing insights for farmers and farm markets. They are free and easy to access with a basic internet connection.
  • Online Direct Marketing.  Articles offer a closer look at how email and email newsletters can be used effectively today.
  • Real business information for small businesses.  Experts outline key steps, including accounting, money and time management, setting goals and applying for loans.
  • Marketing.  Identify steps from the basics to success – branding, call to action, advertising, pricing and customer service

Learn more about how broadband Internet technology can be used in your business. Check out more great information at

Click on For Business

To access the newsletter – click on Power of Broadband for Business newsletter October 2013


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