Five C’s of Using Mobile Technology – Galaxy IV Super Seminar

Today I had 6 minutes to talk about how I use mobile technology – and as I prepared for this I identified some C’s – which I thought I would share with you. I believe these will work for almost anyone who is considering or using Social Media to delivery information or create a conversation with your audience!

Connections – develop rich and deep social connections. This is social media is all about building relationships.
Tip respond to subscribers/posts/likes/comments and respond in a timely manner!

Content – rather it is for social media posts or the website the point is we are creating information that is useful for our clientele.

I believe your website is the heart of everything you do and it is the only thing that you own and have total control over drive everything to
Tip – learn how to write for the web and think about what your call to action is and what landing page you are sending them to thru your social media post.

Curate informaton – by using hashtags in your tweets you can curate information in a online newspaper –
#hashtags we use to curate information

Curriculum – Delivering information online can be fun and learning online can be fun and we need to remember how people engage in the conversation online
Tip – we have two online curriculum created to help small businesses take charge of their online presence.

Collaborate Use different tools to communicate and collaborate online – I have been on skype for hours at a time when working on a particular topic.- all day.

What am I forgetting – please let me know! And stay tuned for more information on the 5C’s


4 responses to “Five C’s of Using Mobile Technology – Galaxy IV Super Seminar

  1. Jim – great thought – I now have 6 C’s – as consistency is critical in look/feel/profile/etc….

  2. Great job today sharing this information, Connie!

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