A New Term – LPO

Small business owners who have created a website and have several webpages that make up there online presence – need to understand some fundamentals about each and every webpage!  Besides creating content that is rich with keywords and engages the customer for search engine optimization – then along comes the concept of creating Landing Pages!

Well – the good news – bad news!

Good News – every page of your website is potentially a Landing Page – as people search for your product or service – we do not know which keywords or keyword phrases they may be using – so consequently they may ‘land’ on any page of your webpage

Bad News – every page of your website needs to be optimized to be a Landing Page!

I recently read an article providing 10 Best Practices for Creating Landing Pages by Marketing Experiments which I thought needed to be shared as they are good words to live by when trying to attract and get the attention of your customers.

  1. Don’t use too many calls-to-action
  2. If your pages are longer, shorten them for less scrolling or scanning work if it creates more mental effort for the prospect
  3. The more complex the sale, the more information the prospect needs
  4. Emails are a part of the optimization process and it’s the quickest, most effective way to discover your value proposition
  5. Color is the most overlooked and misused element of landing page design
  6. Give credibility from a third party
  7. Congruency between headlines, landing pages and the ads, emails, or SERPs that led them there
  8. Single-purpose, akin-focused message
  9. Use bullets and be succinct
  10. A/B split test different elements to create the most optimized version of your landing page

So if you thought mastering SEO was a challenge – you need to make sure your webpages are LPO as well!

For more information on Creating Effective Landing Pages – go to our Resources page and click on Landing Pages or go to https://huskerpreneur.wordpress.com/resources/workshop-materials/landing-pages/


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