The Most Important Aspect of Your Online Presence

Jay Jenkins, UNL Extension Educator from Cherry County and I had the opportunity to share what we believe are some ways to Making the Most of Your Social Media Marketing this past week in Valentine and Ainsworth, Nebraska.  We had an fantastic turn out from the small business owners in the area who are wanting to connect with their local clientele as well as reach out to a new customer base.

As I reflect on the conversations we had with those 50 business owners – I am continually in awe of the passion people have for the area they live in and work in.  We shared stories and made some up but the number one take away for me in all of this is the most important aspect of doing business whether it is a brick and mortar store or online is the customer!  I think we get so caught up in trying to do it all that we forget what is it the customer truly needs and when does he/she need it?  As a business owner or someone who shares information we need to think about what message are we trying to market and is it what the customer wants!

If you are interested in the workshop information we – click here to go to Making the Most of Your Social Media Marketing


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