Fourth Marketing Trend for 2013 – Personalize and Customize

What more can I say – it is all about me – well not really but it is all about your customer!  And we need to consider what they like –

  • they like daily deals
  • they like member based programs
  • they like to be called by name
  • they like to feel special
  • they like gifts (even if they have to buy it themselves)

So how do we do that online?  Good question!  But by thinking about our eMail Marketing Campaigns – we can have incorporate daily deals – we can have special deals for member based programs – we can set up our email to call people by name.

Making people feel special and feel like they received a gift – well that is something you do with your brand and something you do when you package the item to ship to them!

An emphasis on branding and incorporating that into all aspects of the work you do may need to be worked on.

If sending items to customers what are some of the ways you can incorporate that brand:

  • Branded Invoices
  • Branded Envelopes/Boxes
  • Branded Thank you slips
  • Branded eMail when package is shipped

I know it all takes time but as consumers get more savy with purchasing online – so does your ability to keep them as customers!


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