Third Marketing Trend for 2013 – eMail – Don’t forget eMail!

Lately – there has been so much focus on Social Media and engaging with customers in so many different ways – that we have forgotten the basic premise of online marketing – eMail Marketing Campaigns!

Now to get my attention via eMail the Subject Line has to be pretty engaging/interesting/eye catching – so you have to really think about what it is you want your customer to get from the campaign!

And just as the First Marketing Trend told us – we have to be ready for Mobile – with the anticipation of over a million consumers using smartphones by 2016 – we need to create messages that can be easily read on the mobile device!  Which means we need to

  • Get to the point
  • Catch their attention – 8 seconds or less
  • Create the clear CTA (Call to Action) – what is it you want your customer to do?
  • Design for mobile
    • Bigger Clickable buttons
    • Single Column layout
    • Narrow width

There has been alot written lately on eMail Marketing Campaigns – here are a few of the articles I have read:


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