Second Marketing Trend for 2013 – Content – Content – Content

We have all heard this – Content is King!  Content drives traffic!  Content gets more fans!  Well – if you are like me – it is really hard to think about the content that my user or in your case your customer might be wanting or more importantly needing!  And harder yet is writing content – I guess I should of paid more attention in English/Writing class – too late for that but not to late to get focused and that is my goal for 2013!

Content is all about words and Search is all about words – keywords that is!  Have you identified your keywords yet – if not you had better consider learning how people are searching for your business – what words they are using!

Why is that important – because you will want to use those words in your content – the content you create!

According to the information I have been reading – SEO is changed in 2013 – the big shift is on content and promotion – so you not only have to create the content but you have to use social media or other platforms to promote it.  SEO success is a combination of 30% on-site SEO and 70% off site SEO factors!  (you can no longer ignore all the Social Media networks available for your use)

Small Businesses may want to try this four step SEO plan from

  1. Identify demand via keyword search
  2. Create great content
  3. Tune your page
  4. Track and promote

Read more at the article published on January 13, 2013 –  Top 5 Small Business Marketing Trends for 2013

Another great read about How to Master Content Marketing In a Month from


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