First Marketing Trend for 2013 – Go Mobile!

It is interesting if I take the time to look up and see what is happening all around me!  No matter where I go – airport, restaurant, post office, meeting – everyone has a mobile device and everyone is paying attention to what is being sent to them and everyone is responding – even ME!

So as a business owner how can you effectively take advantage of going mobile? – well there is a Nebraska Broadband webinar Thursday, March 14 that will help explain some of the tools and ways a small business owner can actually use these devices to reach customers, get found, collect payments – so turn in at 10:00 a.m. CT – to find out more click here –

In the meantime – here are some keypoints that I believe (as well as some of the experts in the industry) you need to consider:

  • Claim your ‘bubble’ on Google Maps/Bing Maps/Mapquest
  • Claim your Google Place Page and update the information
  • Create a mobile friendly website
  • Consider taking payments with your mobile device
  • Consider using a mobile social presence i.e. Facebook or Twitter
  • Consider mobile marketing campaigns
  • Create and optimize landing pages for mobile devices

Just a few resources to get you started:

In Conclusion!


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