It’s All About Perspective!

This morning on the way to school, my little man noticed the salt on the sidewalk. The sparkly, white salt was in little clusters strewn all over the sidewalk. He saw the salt said, “Look Mom snow! Did the tooth fairy put it there?”

I couldn’t help but smile to myself and think about how we could all benefit from shifting our perspective and looking at life through the lens of child. Many adults would look at the salt and complain about the cold weather, the snow, or how salt kills grass and ruins concrete. If we could all add a little creativity and positive perspective to our day, our Inner Leaders, businesses and entire lives would benefit!

The Challenge: Add positive perspective to your day and your business!

Coaching Questions: How did you do it? And, what are the results?

Let me and others know by sharing your ideas and experiences!


 Snow From the Tooth Fairy!

Go Wild with a Positive Perspective of Life and Business!!

-Dr. Connie


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