Learn Over Lunch: Webinars for Gardener-Entrepreneurs

Whether  you are a business, school, or community with a garden or your business is gardening….the Gardening at Lunch webinar series may be for you!  Interest in landscaping and raising fruits and vegetables is booming!  Join in the fun and grow something cool!

Gardening at Lunch webinars are perfect for all of you out there with businesses who have gardens or sell garden produce!  It’s also a wonderful professional development opportunity for people in the landscaping and gardening industries.  Each session is taught from 12:05-12:55 PM (Central).  Lunchtime webinars dates and topics are outlined below:

• 2/20 – Tree Hazard Awareness. Is that branch hanging over your house dangerous? What about that branch that looks damaged after a storm? Learn what to look for in recognizing tree hazards.

• 3/6 – Get Ready for Spring Vegetable Gardening. Learn the ideal planting time for vegetables, particularly those that do best with cool spring temperatures. We’ll also discuss tips for growing strong, healthy transplants at home.

• 4/3 – Plant Diseases. Are those spots on your plant’s leaves caused by a disease? Learn how to identify different plant disease and how to treat them.

• 5/1 – Outdoor Insects. Learn how to identify garden insects and distinguish the good guys from the bad!

 Program Fee: $10.00 per program or $60.00 for the entire program series

Website: http://marketplace.unl.edu/extension


Natalia Bjorklund

(402) 727-2775



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