Vint Cerf keynoted the Nebraska Broadband Conference

Vint Cerf, Internet Evangelist and Vice President for Google spoke to over 300 community leaders and youth at the Connecting Nebraska Broadband Conference on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

Regardless of what some say – he is one of the founders of the Internet and if you have not heard him speak – he has an uncanny way of capturing his audience!  To be in a room with him, one become in awe of just how intelligent he is and yet how he can speak to all of us!

Some of his key points were:

  • There are huge opportunities that have been opened up by the Internet – it was never created to be a closed system but to be open for possibilities.   Open sharing and knowledge are the key to success as good ideas come from ‘everywhere’!
  • The Internet is not as safe a place as we would like so we have to take our own personal security seriously.  Passwords are a start and how many of us use the same one over and over again?
  • Spearfishing is the new spam – because users are getting smarter, spammers are not getting the result they used to – so they are trying new ways to get to us.
  • Policy considerations are tougher than technical ones.
  • The Cloud is a wonderful thing – and there are lots of ‘clouds’ – problem is they don’t talk to each other.  Inter-cloud is the new research.
  • Remember – if you want to do something really big – you cannot do it alone!

If you want to read more about his presentation go to –

Mark your calendars for the 2013 Nebraska Statewide Broadband Conference – October 16 and 17 – Kearney, Nebraska.


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