Video Series Launch!

Let’s Do BusINEss in Nebraska!

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Entrepreneurship Team has just launched a new video series, Let’s Do BusINEess in Nebraska.

The video series is designed to provide businesses and communities with practical information on variety of topics related to:

  • Starting, Growing, and Transitioning Businesses
  • Creating and Leading Entrepreneurial Communities
  • Strengthening Creativity and Innovation for Individuals, Communities and Businesses
  • Growing Value-Added and Alternative Agriculture Enterprises
  • Connecting Businesses and Communities Through Technology and Social Media

In addition to providing practical solutions for businesses, communities, and leaders, an overarching goal of the video series is to increase global awareness about entrepreneurship and innovation in Nebraska while also helping Nebraska expand its international reach.

Our team is just launching this effort, and we are inviting others to join the cause!

In an effort to better serve Nebraskans, UNL’s entrepreneurship team wants to hear from you!  Join the Huskerpreneur blog and suggest new video topics and guest speakers.

Current videos are available on YouTube:

Reminder: Subscribe to our channel to have access to new videos as they are posted!


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