Help Customers Find You with Custom Maps

Maps are a key tool in getting customers to your door. Who doesn’t love it when the map provides all the pertinent details. Unfortunately, all too often online maps have incorrect details. Make it one of your marketing goals to give your customers good maps. Warning! If you haven’t yet created a Google Account to take advantage of many Google tools, you will need to do so to use this one. Here’s how:


  • Claim your Google Maps place page
  • Edit your business information
    • Business Name, Hours, and Web site
    • Description and Category
    • Pictures
    • Actual Map Spot
  • Add free offers or coupons to your Google Maps place page


  • Go to Google Maps and click on My Maps and then Create New MapGoogle Maps Editing Tools
  • Use the map editing tools to:
    • Select and edit map features
    • Add a placemark
    • Draw a line or shape
  • Give your map a title and description using your business key words
  • Market your map
    • Publish
    • Send
    • Embed in your web site

Note that the information in this post and much more will be presented at the 2011 Nebraska Governor’s Agri/Eco-Tourism Conference in Kearney February 1 and 2. Check out the You Are Here! Maps for Business session.


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