Two Simple SEO Tips

Many websites we review forget about these two simple SEO tips and probably two of the most important concepts to incorporate!

1)  Page Titles – each major page of your website needs a unique Page Title.  What is a page title?  It is the words that show up Search Engine rankings and at the top of each page in the web browser.

  • Title tag should be 80 characters (Google uses 70 and Yahoo and Bing use 90.
  • Use Store Name but not in front of title – use your branding logo or incorporate your keywords
  • Title tag should indicate what the page is about

2)  Page Descriptions – Each major page needs a Page Description.  What is a page description?  Page description gives more information plus a great way to use the keywords

  • 125 characters long
  • Keyword prominent

We’ll offer more tips about SEO but please review your site and evaluate your Page Titles and Page Descriptions!


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