Facebook makes major change to Landing Page option

@marismith Facebook Nixes Default Landing Tab Option

SocialMedia Examiner – http://www.facebook.com/smexaminer

As we were teaching today about Facebook Landing Pages and how businesses could set up their own FBML page – Facebook goes and changes that option!!!

Some of the best advice might be to make sure you have a blog as you own that presence and have control of what your customers/audience view!

What do you think of this new Facebook change?


One response to “Facebook makes major change to Landing Page option

  1. Facebook is too big for marketers to ignore, but I don’t think it should be the main focus.

    The most important online piece for every business is a website that they own! Anytime you are on other’s sites, you are at their mercy.

    This morning, it seems that Facebook may have backtracked on this change. Even if they haven’t, I don’t think it would be a disaster. Facebook users are used to seeing their friends wall pages. This alone wouldn’t be a deal breaker.

    Hey, what do you expect, it’s free. Get something you own, and control.

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